For the children in Kenya, not being able to spend money on a uniform means that their future is blocked. After all, if you don’t have a uniform, you can’t go to school. Those who do not attend classes have no chance of education.

In order to break this vicious circle and to be able to grant all children similar starting conditions, the sponsorship of the Maji Moto school is committed to ensuring that the children and young people wear a uniform and can consequently also attend school.

Uniform schenkt vier jungen Menschen eine Perspektive

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The Rhine Valley Hospital Association and its partner association Shilling for Shilling therefore also use donations to purchase school uniforms. For the opening of the school all students were dressed.

However, this did not complete the task. Now the project management has bought two new sets for each of the four young people in the picture (junior high). They did not have a shilling to spare. Now they are no longer excluded and are allowed to learn.

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